The Go-Lab Initiative team works closely with Ministries of Education and Teacher Training Institutes across Europe (and beyond) to promote Go-Lab (pre- and in-service) teacher training, the use of the Go-Lab ecosystem in STEM education and the creation of digital learning resources and lessons. Go-Lab is being used in around 50 countries across Europe as well as at least 30 countries globally and can be easily adapted and localized to fit national and regional curricula.

Go-Lab has been integrated into several teacher training and professional development programmes and projects to promote Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), collaborative and self-regulated learning, and improve teachers’ ICT skills to develop their own digital lessons using the Go-Lab ecosystem.


Following are some cooperation examples established with Ministries of Education and Teacher Training Institutions in the scope of the Next-Lab project , as well as other Go-Lab affiliated projects:

- Basque Country: Go-Lab courses are being officially supported and recognized by the Ministry of Education in Basque Country, where teachers receive a professional development certificate which they can use to advance in their career.

- Estonia: the Institute of Education at the University of Tartu has integrated Go-Lab into a number of teacher education courses, including Inquiry Learning, Teaching and Reflection, and Collaborative Learning. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education in Estonia recently updated its digitally based national science assessment to better reflect the evaluation of scientific inquiry skills. The update was driven by the Go-Lab inquiry-based learning framework.

- France: the Institut Français de l'Éducation at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon, France) have included Go-Lab courses for their pre-service teachers as part of their training programmes.

- Georgia: the Ministries of Education in Georgia support the dissemination of Go-Lab to their schools, promote Go-Lab teacher training and the creation of Go-Lab digital lessons.

- Lithuania: in Lithuania, Go-Lab ambassadors collaborate with the education departments, teacher training institutes and universities to promote Go-Lab in broadcasts and local networks.

- Malta: the Ministry of Education in Malta is including Go-Lab’s labs and digital lessons in their digital books and learning resources.

- Netherlands: ELAN, the Department of Teacher Development at the University of Twente and in cooperation with the Department of Instructional Technology integrated Go-Lab in two courses related to Physics and Chemistry Pedagogy in the Master program of the pre-service teacher training curriculum at the university. 

- Ukraine: in scope of the capacity-building project MoPED the curricula of Pedagogical Schools in Ukraine is being improved by providing new courses and innovative ICT teaching tools and inquiry methods, with Go-Lab being one of the used ecosystems.


Whether you are interested to learn more about the Go-Lab Initiative, its courses, and premium services or if you would like to include Go-Lab training in your institute, region or country, the Go-Lab team is looking forward to more cooperation opportunities with ministries and training institutes. We offer face to face and online teacher training in relation to inquiry learning, development of 21st-century skills and the creation of digital lessons that can be easily adapted to the local programmes of your institutions and accommodate your national curriculum. Moreover, the Go-Lab Initiative team offers pedagogical and technical consultancies, as well as the creation of online laboratories, learning applications and digital lessons on demand.

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