The Go-Lab Initiative team cooperates closely with online lab providers to ensure the continuous growth of the Go-Lab ecosystem and the maximum outreach of online labs to teachers, schools and educational institutions. More than 600 Labs in more than 60 languages covering all STEM subjects are currently available on Golabz.

If you are an online lab provider looking to promote your labs, then Golabz is the right platform for you. With more than 16,000 monthly visits to our Sharing and Support platform (Golabz) and more than 31,000 registered users on our Authoring and Learning platform (Graasp), the Go-Lab ecosystem will provide you with the visibility you are looking for. We work with ministries of education, teacher training institutes, universities, schools and teachers to help disseminate the use of online labs in STEM education.

With Go-Lab you can choose to provide your labs for commercial and/or non-commercial use. You may simply share your labs for free on Golabz, and/or provide premium labs as part of a yearly school subscription for a fee. If you are interested to learn how and when your labs are being used, Go-Lab can also provide you with usage analytics to better understand your users’ behaviour.

Becoming a Go-Lab online lab provider is quite simple. Contact us to learn how. We are always looking for new cooperation opportunities!


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