The Go-Lab initiative now offers an executive Go-Lab school membership for

Introducing Go-Lab in your school

If you consider introducing inquiry learning with Go-Lab in your school we can now offer you this executive Go-Lab school membership

The Go-Lab executive membership includes the following elements:

  • An opportunity to offer the Go-Lab basic and advances courses in your school
  • Dedicated support for selecting labs and designing ILSs for your school (maximized on 40 hours of advice per school year)
    • Access to extra teacher management apps: An app that gives an overview of students’ results on the quiz app with an opportunity for teachers to perform online grading of their students
    • An app that shows student products (e.g., concept maps, hypotheses) in one handy overview. This app is specifically suited for the use of an ILS in a flip the classroom situation.

The costs involved for this service is 50 euros per student with a minimum of 100 students Disclaimer: Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through this activity is solely meant to maintain the Go-Lab ecosystem.